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Note: The code on this page may fail. (The code is in Terra, not Church.)

This is a simple model of a beam connected to the ground at its bottom end by a hinge and at its top end to a cable. Inference is over beam rotation angles that (approximately) satisfy static equilibrium.

local Vec = terralib.require("linalg").Vec
local m = terralib.require("mem")
local ad = terralib.require("ad")
local rand = terralib.require("prob.random")

local beamBottomX = `25.0
local beamBottomY = `2.0
local beamLength = `20.0
local beamWidth = `3.0
local cableRootX = `10.0
local cableRootY = `2.0
local function staticsModel()

	local Vec2 = Vec(real, 2)

	local terra torque(force: Vec2, pos: Vec2, centerOfRotation: Vec2)
		var d = pos - centerOfRotation
		return d(0)*force(1) - d(1)*force(0)

	local terra polarToRect(r: real, theta: real)
		return Vec2.stackAlloc(r*ad.math.cos(theta), r*ad.math.sin(theta))

	-- Soft equality factor function
	local softEq = macro(function(x, target, softness)
		return `[rand.gaussian_logprob(real)](x, target, softness)

	local forceVariance = `100.0
	return terra()
		-- Set up geometry
		var beamBottom = Vec2.stackAlloc(beamBottomX, beamBottomY)
		var beamAngle = uniform(0.0, [math.pi], {structural=false, lowerBound=0.0, upperBound=[math.pi]})
		var beamTop = beamBottom + polarToRect(beamLength, beamAngle)
		var cableRoot = Vec2.stackAlloc(cableRootX, cableRootY)

		-- Generate cable pulling (tensile) force
		var cablePullDir = cableRoot - beamTop; cablePullDir:normalize()
		var cableForce = gaussian(0.0, forceVariance, {structural=false, lowerBound=0.0}) * cablePullDir

		-- Generate hinge force
		var hingeForce = Vec2.stackAlloc(gaussian(0.0, forceVariance, {structural=false}),
										 gaussian(0.0, forceVariance, {structural=false}))

		-- Encourage net zero force on the beam
		var totalForce = cableForce + hingeForce
		factor(softEq(totalForce(0), 0.0, 1.0))
		factor(softEq(totalForce(1), 0.0, 1.0))

		-- Encourage net zero torque on the beam
		var hingeTorque = torque(cableForce, beamTop, beamBottom)
		factor(softEq(hingeTorque, 0.0, 1.0))

		return beamAngle