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Note: The code on this page may fail. (drop-right is not implemented.)

A doubly-intractable HMM, meant as a toy model for speech recognition with articulatory contraints.

(define (hmm state N)
  (if (= N 0)
      (pair (observe state)
            (hmm (transition state) (- N 1)))))

(define (observe state)
  (map (lambda (x) (if (flip .9) x (not x)))

(define (language-transition state)
  (map (lambda (x) (if (flip .8) x (not x)))

(define (factor a b)
  (flip (if (equal? a b) 1.0 0.5)))

(define (transition state)
   10 10
   (define new-state (language-transition state))
   (all (map factor (drop new-state 1) (drop-right new-state 1)))))

(hmm '(#f #f #f) 4)