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Note: The code on this page may fail. (Code is only a sketch so far.)
(define num-words 20)

(define corpus-word-ind (iota (length corpus-words)))
(define word-hypers (make-list num-words 1.0))
  (define topic (DPmem 1.0 gensym))
  (define word-from-topic (mem (lambda (topic) (make-dirichlet-discrete word-hypers))))
  (define topic-from-doc  (mem (lambda (doc) (DPmem 1.0 topic))))
  (define word-topic (mem (lambda (doc word-index) (sample (topic-from-doc doc)))))
  (define word (mem (lambda (doc word-index) (sample (word-from-topic (word-topic doc word-index))))))
  (map word-topic corpus-docs corpus-word-ind)
  (equal? (map word corpus-docs corpus-word-ind) corpus-observed-words))

The following is a version of the code closer to the one used in Ref:shred2014:

(define (zip xs1 xs2) 
  (if (or (is_null xs1) (is_null xs2)) '() 
      (pair (first xs1) (pair (first xs2) '()))
      (zip (rest xs1) (rest xs2)))))

(define (pick-a-stick sticks J)
  (if (flip (sticks J))
      (pick-a-stick sticks (+ J 1))))

(define (make-sticks alpha)
  (let ((sticks (mem (lambda (x) (beta 1.0 alpha)))))
    (lambda () (pick-a-stick sticks 1))))

(define (DPmem alpha base-dist)
  (let ((augmented-proc
          (mem (lambda (args stick-index) (apply base-dist args))))
        (DP (mem (lambda (args) (make-sticks alpha)))))
    (lambda argsin
      (let ((stick-index ((DP argsin))))
        (augmented-proc argsin stick-index)))))

(define my-pi 3.14159265358979323)

(define (glp mean ssq smp)
  (let ([diff (- smp mean)])
    (- (- (/ (* diff diff) (* 2.0 ssq)))
       (* 0.5 (+ (log 2) (log my-pi) (log ssq))))))

(define (randint l h) (+ l (sample-integer (+ 1 (- h l)))))

(define (index-in x xs)
  (define (loop x k rst)
    (if (is_null rst) k
      (if (equal? (first rst) x) k
        (loop x (+ k 1) (rest rst)))))
    (loop x 0 xs))

(define (my-length xs)
  (if (is_null xs) 0
    (+ 1 (my-length (rest xs)))))

(define samples
  (mh-query 10 100
    (define (word-prob i distr) (factor (log (list-ref distr i))))
    (define vocabulary '("A" "B" "C" "D"))
    (define documents
      '(("A" "A" "A") ("A" "C" "A") ("C" "C" "A")
         ("A" "A" "A") ("A" "C" "A") ("C" "C" "A")
         ("A" "A" "A") ("A" "C" "A") ("C" "C" "A")
         ("A" "A" "A") ("A" "C" "A") ("C" "C" "A")
         ("D" "D" "D") ("B" "D" "B") ("B" "B" "D")))
    (define sample-topic
      (DPmem 0.4
        (lambda () (randint 0 9001))))
    (define topic-from-doc
        (lambda (doc) (DPmem 0.4 (lambda () (sample-topic))))))
    (define topic-word-distribution
        (lambda (topic)
          (dirichlet '(0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4)))))
    (define process
        (lambda (document)
          (let* ((selected-topic ((topic-from-doc document))))
              (lambda (word)
                (let* ((this-word-distr
                       (idx (index-in word vocabulary)))
                  (pair selected-topic
                        (word-prob idx this-word-distr))))
    (define total-score
          (lambda (proc)
            (sum (map (lambda (item) (rest item)) proc)))
    (define sample (pair total-score process))